First post

April 7, 2008

Before starting my phd I considered starting a blog so I could share some of the ideas that I would find during these next 3 years. It would help to track my work and as a sketch of my final project. However I did not know how suitable it would be for me to openly write about my project. Is not that it’s a secret one or something, in fact some issues in my project involve the issues of networking, systems, innovation, all reasons which I believe it would be good to have a blog. I found some very good blogs of other phd students and I really enjoyed them. They are an example for me and I hope that I’m also able to share some of the same energy many phd fellows have.

Besides being a log of my work, my intentions for this blog is to regularly posts things that I find interesting and that I know that someone at sometime would find also interesting.

My phd just started, and I have 3 years in front of me. I will read, and learn many things, and I will try to share some of these things with you.

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