The Creative Economy UN Report

May 13, 2008

I was talking with some colleagues and professors from MIKE, one of my old professors aware of my research handed the new “Creative Economy. UN Report 2008“. I was pretty impressed, a United Nations report?

It’s hard to believe that in so little time the “Creative Economy” concept has got such relevance. In fact, I had to check inside that they were really talking about the Creative Economy, as Richard Florida put it. As I said before I’m not a great fan of Florida, but of course I think I understand the importance of this “economy”. I mean everything in a city it’s not about infrastructures, local policy makers should understand that people also look for “cool experiences”.

In 13 November 2006, I dedicated a post titled “The Creative Class; in USA, Europe, Denmark, Spain and Aalborg“, that was in a temporary class blog some students used during a semester abroad. I mentioned that I was doing a study in Spain in the top 10 metropolitan regions using Florida’s methodology to find the most creative ones. The most important result for me was that there is not causality, between “creative economy” and “the economy”, and that “creative class” and “non-creative class” flock together. That is cool places, or big metropolitan places, equally attracted “creative” and “non-creative” people.

We could say that maybe this is what happens in Spain. But I ask you: How well do you know Florida’s methodology? and, Have you ever attempted to do a city comparison study with it?. If you have done it, I will be 100% interested in hearing from you. If you have not done it…


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