Joel Kotkin vs. Richard Florida. II

May 16, 2008

This post is like a continuation of Kotkin comes to Denmark to kick R. Florida

So my colleague H.P. pointed me out that Florida quotes Kotkin in “The Rise of the Creative Class” to support his argument. I totally overlooked at it! In fact, Florida quotes him a couple of times, and it looks they’re perfectly in tune.
Googling a little bit about their relationship, I found that Florida last summer gave his opinion about the “Kotkin-Florida debate” as he says, quoting Bill Fulton to support that Kotkin came after him without any reason and that Kotkin’s arguments are getting old. I don’t know what to say about that. I mean these guys don’t really like each other.  

The thing is that they are working in different spheres, they both bring their contributions, but sometimes is just hard (at least for me) to put them together. I also feel that Kotkin has his feet more on the ground, but he just focus on criticizing instead of giving ideas. For example, Kotkin and Florida meet in Pittsburg last February. They agree in immigration, entrepreneurship, and both disagree in building huge projects (like the stadium), but it’s they’re always putting disagreeing at the end.

Gotta love these guys.  

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