How not to get a PhD

May 19, 2008

One of my professors suggested me the book “How to Get a PhD“. Then I run into this website who was talking about “How to not get a PhD.” Because I’m starting I really appreciated this information, the book I have no read it yet, but the article was quite fun.

It summarizes 7 ideas, that I would like to keep present: 

 “Be aware of the seven ways of not getting a PhD:
· not wanting a PhD;

· overestimating what is required;

· underestimating what is required;

· having a supervisor who does not know what is required;

· losing contact with your supervisor;

· not having a ‘thesis’ (i.e. position, argument) to maintain;

· taking a new job before completing.

It’s interesting to remember that there is a great number of PhD students who can’t or don’t want to finish their studies. One needs to keep these 7 things present.  


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