The Tordenskiold Festival 2008. More than 30.000 people visited.

July 1, 2008

An important area of my research is to look at cultural and engaging activities for the city of Frederikshavn. The activities that the city has carried during the last years have been pretty cool and innovative. One of them has been the Festival of Tordenskiold.  I will quote supervisor who explains about it:

The Festival of Tordenskiold started in Frederikshavn in 1998 and has been organised as an annual summer festival in the city since that year. From a humble start in 1998 in 2007 more than 25,000 people visited the festival which had 1000 local participants and activists. The historical core of the festival is a sea battle in the year 1717 in which Tordenskiold participated as a twelve year old boy. The festival is constructed as scenery at the harbour, with the water as an important element. A theatre play involving sailing ships, rowing boats, guns and canons and the wharf, as well as people dressed up in XVIII century clothes as king and nobles, soldiers and mariners, represents the culmination of the festival. Many people dress up as XVIII century peasants, vendors and street performers and serve food, sell arts and crafts and give little performances of different kinds during the two days of the festival. Sailing ships from different countries visit the harbour during the festival. The visiting ships are actors in as well as part of the scenery of the festival and the theatre play. Some of the ships are also attractions, inviting people to experience their beautiful interior. Only since 2004 the city council has put the festival on the budget with a salary for a coordinator. Until then it was run by volunteers and based on private donations. (Lorentzen, January 2008)

Well this last weekend the 2008 Festival received more than 30.000 people. Which is a great sign that the Festival is doing better every year. Unfortunately I didn’t go, as it coincide with my moving to my new place. I feel bad about it, next year I will go 100% sure. Anyways, it seems people did not miss me to have great fun…

Oh, I forgot to tell you. Torden, in Danish means Thunder, and Skiold, Shield. From what I understand is the title that it was given to this brave guy (Peter Tordenskiold) who defended the city. That was in 1717.

In a way reminds me the ideas shared by Gilmore and Pine, in their last book Authenticity (2007), about celebrating key dates for a place.

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  1. exhibitadvice Says:

    Carlos, this festival looks wonderful! Hopefully you will get to go next year.

    I had not heard about this “Authenticity’ book. It looks very interesting. I will read it for sure, thanks!

  2. bill Says:

    Carlos nice post.

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