Cool report of Frederikshavn

August 14, 2008

The North Jutland city of Frederikshavn is defined first and foremost by the sea. The excellent natural harbor and giant ferries dominate the town. It is a gateway to Norway and Sweden and the heavy ferry traffic from those countries has led to a large concentration of shops and amenities to be expected more in a town twice its size. The international atmosphere, busy shopping streets, and lively nightlife characterize the area. Evidence of habitation dates back to the Stone Age, and the city itself dates to the mid-1500s, but the town is mostly modern in appearance. Known as the “City of Plaice,” the city has given its name to “Frederikshavner,” the large fried plaice found on menus all over the country. Krudttårnet, a gun tower museum (c.1686), has walls six feet thick and houses collections of weapons. Nearby Bangsbomuseet is an old estate and manor house with displays of navigation instruments, town history, World War II relics, exhibits of the Danish Resistance, and Ellingåskib, the reconstructed remains of a 12th century Viking ship dug up nearby. In the same area you will find a botanical garden and deer park. Residents and visitors to Frederikshavn enjoy a number of open-air concerts during the year.

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