The economy today… hard subject to teach!

September 30, 2008

When teaching about the current economics or using the book Global Shift, which focuses in the constant changing, one needs to keep pace with the economy. One has to admit that following the economy today, it’s not that easy. It’s especially hard if you rely on the mainstream media, or media with strong ties to financial groups (corporate media, anyone?). The noise gets much worse when we’re a month from the presidential election in the USA. To sum up, I would just say, that in my opinion, there is too much focus on the housing market, when the root of the problem has been actually reckless investing and of course the trillionare debt. One would recommend to the US cutting a little bit on military expenditures, but then that would look anti-American. I just hope for the best for the US economy.

 Oh, well, keeping updated economics powerpoint slides seems impossible today. 


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  1. smart kid Says:

    I have a little exercise I like to do. I STOP worrying about the economy, the gold prices rising at a scary pace, a new rev…. I just STOP thinking about all that. does burrying my head under sand make me an ostritch?

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