End of Phd Course on Economic Geography in Utrecht.

November 12, 2008

Last week was the second and final week of this course. I already commented about the first week of the course in September. I really enjoyed the format of having two separated weeks and having to write a paper in between with the course literature. It was expensive though, having to travel twice and stay two weeks to the Netherlands. But anyways it was worthy it. I highly recommend this course for any phd student interested in geography and economics. 

I really enjoyed the senior lecturers presentations, and phd presentations and the majority of all discussions. Some of them were not in my topic, but it was nice to see the new things that people are coming up around European universities. I have to admit, that a few of the papers based on hard mathematical models were too much for me. 

The most inspiring thing is to remember that Economic Geography, while it’s proud to be interdisciplany, we have to remember that it is A discipline. It’s really exciting how geographers study the economy. Not all are trained geographers, in fact the majority come from other fields, such as history, political science, architecture, urban planning, engineering, or economics-business like me. 

I will also like to share some link that might interest you. 

Ron Boschma’s site with information about the course

EconGeo Network about Economic Geography Academics

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