1st Year Presentation

June 4, 2009

At Aalborg University PhD students are required to give a 1 Year progress report. A professor (different from the supervisor/s) acts as opponent. A discussion about the project usually follows with other professors and students. In my case there were 15 people and I obtained critical feedback for my project, from professors and students. For these I’m very grateful.

Here it is my presentation, not all slides were presented as I didn’t want to surpass the 25 minutes. I had some technical problems, but of course with presentations, we always have to count on Murphy’s Law.

Anyways, I welcome any other idea.

2 Responses to “1st Year Presentation”

  1. Marcelo Says:

    Hi Carlos! Very interesting project! I liked particularly the Experience Economy. Can you tell me where can I fond more about it? An article so I can understand more the updated basics of it and its applicability?

    I also replied to your comments on my blog. If you have some time, please, check it out! Thank you once more for taking part on it!

  2. carlos9900 Says:

    As I already pointed out in my presentation the literature on “Experience Economy” is very widespread. I’m more related to economic geography. For example, this month, the Journal of European Planning Studies has published a special issue on the topic. http://www.informaworld.com/smpp/title~content=g910823788~db=all
    I have to say that the ideas of the Experience Economy should be carefully treated, and although it might be a fragile concept to bring economic development, there are some interesting teaching about it.

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