The Festival of Tordenskjold 2009

July 2, 2009

In my last post I said I was going to the Festival of Tordenskjold. Here is a little more about who was this guy Tordenskiold. I have to say I had a great weekend. I found it very interesting because I have been following the preparation for several days. I have talked to over 40 people and learn many things about their networks and how they work. I aim at publishing the results if you’re interested.
I calculated myself in the three days and I think there were 35.000 visitors, but I don’t have the official data. But I know there were around 1000 volunteers, the majority of them dressed for the occasion in 18th century clothes.
Here is me and great Tordenskjold, I (and my wife, taken the picture) were dressed as peasants.

Tordenskjold and me at the end of Friday's play

Tordenskjold and me at the end of Friday's play

Here are more pictures of the festival. In photo doesn’t look that big, but the big boat a replica of the time, was really impressive. At least for a non-ocean guy like me.

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