Economic Sense; Addressed To The Innovators Of Business & Commerce

August 22, 2009

A couple of weeks ago I got via Google Alerts (Fox News), the release of the 2009 declaration of Pine and Gilmore. It’s actually Gilmore and Pine, but one has been used to refer to them as in the former form.

It has the date of July 4, and it has the apperance of the U.S. Declaration.

It has the date of 4th of July, and it has the apperance of the U.S. Declaration of Independence.

This declaration, can be found here at the website of their consulting company: 

I think this was done with the purpose of celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the book “The Experience Economy” and especifically to promote the conference they’re organizing in Philadelphia, next month. If it weren’t 2500USD$ to register I would not mind to cross the Atlantic.

The basic idea in this declaration is that we’re in this economic crisis because businesses (and the private) have not really focused on offering experiences. Then they came up with very good perpectives for the private sector. I have to say that I always enjoy reading these guys. They’re really innovative and they come up with cool things.

Unfortunately, as good conservative Americans, I think they have been too influenced in the current political debate. In the last paragraphs they condemn goverment support to healthcare and higher education. I still don’t understand this part of the declaration. I guess is my European perspective. They say that public support to education and healthcare hinder The Experience Economy, but they don’t say anything about other public spending in endless wars, bail outs to corporations, or evasion to tax havens. Maybe they’re right, but I think this is a debate they should not have got into. Maybe it’s me who I should not get into this debate…

3 Responses to “Economic Sense; Addressed To The Innovators Of Business & Commerce”

  1. gohitchhike Says:

    Thank you for post the Economic Sense pdf link on my blog. It’s really helpful.

  2. IdeaFreak Says:

    Dear Carlos:
    As a follower of the theory and practices of Gilmore and Pine and being involved in the financial industries for over 15 years, I believe you may have misread the last paragraphs. There is no statement of condemnation, rather they state a challenge for service based industries to evolve their delivery to be more competitive in an ever-changing economy. It appears you have placed your own views and concerns into the review of a promotional piece. Maybe you should attend, so that you can understand fully the direction Gilmore and Pine pursuing. You can only learn so much from the written word, sometimes you must experience to truly learn.

  3. carlos9900 Says:

    Dear IdeaFreak,
    I might have missunderstood their intentions or I might have not express myself well. I only have love for Gilmore and Pine. You say they don’t condemn, because sometimes I have trouble with English I looked at the Cambridge Dictionary and it defines “condemn” as “to criticize something or someone strongly, usually for moral reasons”. They argue that policy makers should “Free the healthcare industry to make it truly market-based” and “Stop subsidizing tuition at our colleges and universities, which barely graduate half those who enroll”. Maybe they’re not condemn it but it certainly gives that impression. Again, I really like the whole declaration. I just think with they could have left the last page for another declaration.

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