Frederikshavn vs. Vallejo

February 5, 2010

My plan here is diverse, and I have to admit that I have not fully planned. But I’m going to specially look at the city of Vallejo, as you can see in my description (Local development and the socioeconomic factors of Vallejo, CA). This city has many differences with the city I do research for (Frederikshavn, Denmark) but that also has many similarities. Stay tuned for more details.

Here I put two maps of the area that I’m interested in. Note that in both maps, south of the black square is where I have my offices (Aalborg and Berkeley). Maps are on the same scale courtesy of Bing Maps.

Municipality of Frederikshavn (North Denmark)

City of Vallejo (California, USA)

This is an update: (see Differences and Similarities between Frederikshavn and Vallejo)

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