You’re doing a PhD in Geography? What do you do? maps?

March 16, 2010

I found this quote yesterday. I put it in my quotes page.


“When most people hear the word “geography,” they’re reminded of traumatic elementary school quizzes on the names of rivers, mountains ranges, and state capitals. People think of maps. But although the discipline finds its origins in Renaissance exploration and the imperial mapmakers or royal courts, contemporary geographic research has come a long way. Geographers nowadays do everything from building elaborate digital climate models of potential global warming scenarios to picking through bits of fossilized pollen to reconstruct prehistoric agricultural practices, and from tracing the light-speed flows of international capital to documenting localized effects of nature tourism on sub-Saharan village life. The discipline, in short, accommodates a wide range of research methods and topics all united by the axiom that everything happens somewhere, that all human an natural phenomena have, well, geography”

Trevor Paglen | 2009

Anyways if you wonder, what I study is local and regional local economic development. How cities and regions develop their economy. This is related to Economic Geography, and yes I also look at maps.

2 Responses to “You’re doing a PhD in Geography? What do you do? maps?”

  1. Jason Says:

    Tell me the Capitol of every country in Africa?

  2. carlos Says:

    oh brother!I see this joke never gets old… I guess that’s why I put the word Economic, before Geography

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