Wikipedia, thank you.

November 30, 2010

These days before Christmas when you visit Wikipedia, there is the appeal of the founder Jimmy Wales. He explains how “nearly 400 million people use Wikipedia and its sister sites every month” and that “It is the 5th most popular website in the world”. I have to admit that I love the website, and I don’t care about the caveats. It has helped me so much! For example, this morning a Brazilian friend and I were trying to pronounce the word “counterintuitive, while we were not 100% sure of the meaning. It has not been until now that I can find a full article in the wiki, and then I will use the word in a paper. 

I have been editing the website for more than 6 years, and it is always exciting. I’m not a perfect contributor, and probably sometimes I cause more trouble than help. But I honestly want to give my best sand grain to the mountain.

This is a sample of the things I have edited in Wikipedia, since I started my Phd. One of the requirements of a Phd student here in Denmark, is to disseminate knowledge. I hope this counts :)

I think I will contribute a little amount of money. I hope you also do.


Thanks Theric for reminding me.

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