Online acknowledgements for my PhD Thesis (of people I follow on Twitter).

September 6, 2011

On my previous post I included appendix VI of my PhD thesis. This was about how twitter and blogging in general has helped me on my research process. There were no names, here it is a list of people who are on twitter that I’m thankful to them (probably some I have forgotten). A few of them don’t really use of twitter, but they have an account, and others I would not know them and quoted them if they would have not used twitter, so this is a very informal way to say thanks, but at least I woud like to keep a record of it.

They are not necessarily in order of importance.

People I have referenced (and I never met):










People I have personally met and have positively influenced me in my thesis

@BramTimmermans (Aalborg)

@msdahl (Aalborg)

@jp_kramer (Germany/Berkeley)

@ClausOstergaard (Aalborg)

@DaniBergstrom (Berkeley)

@GoranLindqvist (Stockholm)

@effectuationHQ (Virgina)

@javierest (Berkeley)

@lykkeeandersen (Bolivia)

@blengyelb (Hungary)

@RecessionCone (Bay Area)

@_Phile (Berkeley)

@thmazing (Berkeley)

@dellarucker (Cincinnati, OH)

@prodigis (California) the guy who influenced me to go to Berkeley

@condedelamaza (San Sebastian / Donosti) the guy who influenced me to get into twitter

@malenel the girl (now Prof.) who influenced me to blog

People who I never met personally, follow on twitter, quite positively influenced me for my thesis, AND have provided important sources of knowledge in my thesis.

@euyarra (Manchester) A friend I have never met

@manufernandez (Bilbao) we wish we meet

@ben_spigel (Toronto) we have met, but we don’t remember

Twitter accounts I follow and I never met, but also influenced my thesis.





4 Responses to “Online acknowledgements for my PhD Thesis (of people I follow on Twitter).”

  1. Carlos, I hope the day we finally meet is close. It´s great to know you found some inspiration on my Twitter sharings. Good luck in you new tasks: sustainable innovation in fisheries management seems to be a great research field!

  2. Congratulations on finishing your thesis and moving on! It’s a wonderful thing! And I’m likewise very happy to have met you while you were in California. =) Best wishes.

  3. carlos9900 Says:

    Thank you very much guys.

  4. This list and categories are not 100% fully correct. Is just a sketch.

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