update: I defended my PhD dissertation in December 2011, and obtained my PhD title in early 2012

My PhD Project

My research dealt with entrepreneurial dynamics and local/regional development. Here it is the university link to my main work. The study is part of a project that aims to economic develop the municipality of Frederikshavn (north Denmark) from diverse fronts. I use economic geography tools. An important issue in the research is to look at the concept of “Oplevelsesøkonomi” (experience economy) and its influence on Local Economic Development in Frederikshavn. I look at the entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, and the networks they are involved in. I also look at historical patterns in local development. The project seeks to be useful for current policy making, which could potentially advise a city like Frederikshavn.

Research keywords: Economic Geography, Local Economic Development, Entrepreneurship, Evolutionary Economics, Rural vs. Urban, Innovation, Business, Governance, Policy Making, Social Justice, Systems of Innovation, Networks.

Geographic interests: Frederikshavn (Denmark), North Denmark (Nordjylland), Vallejo (San Francisco Bay Area), Madrid & Barcelona (Spain), Latin America. I like underdog regions.

2 Responses to “About My PhD Project (2008-2011)”

  1. hey there,

    your link to the palm beach in Frederikshavn was very cool. Now that is experience economy thinking. Good on them.

  2. jose rolando Says:

    hi , I am from Guatemala and found your pageweb. I got a MBA from INCAE and run a family bussiness. I found very good a couple of your articles and I think that those are very good and useful too.
    congratulation and thank you.

    buena suerte!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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