The other day I got this through my friend Jan, who just recently finished his PhD. This is a video animation of a presentation of Steven Johnson, based on his new book Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation.

He explains the idea of how meeting places where such a great place for innovation, back in the day (and today), and all the time it took to develop ideas. For sure, there were people who talk more, and people who would listen more. But all good benefited. You could go to the table that shares your interests, once in a while. I think that is the same principle in twitter.

I have to admit that my twitter log, (which once in a while I copy in a doc for easier findings), help me a lot to get ideas to include in papers. Therefore I’m very grateful to this tool. It comes a lot of inspiration, and try to keep the people I follow to a minimum, to restrict it for my work. (I don’t know how people can follow more than 150 people, no offense, but there is an optimization point.) Anyways, the thing is that twitter can help to exchange ideas, unfortunately it does not leave too much room for discussion.

I love these animations. Another good one is David Harvey’s (if you don’t know him, is the most quoted geographer), “The Crisis of Capitalism”.