Last year I visited UC Berkeley as a researcher and studied the city of Vallejo. The city is known by the youth of the San Francisco Bay Area for its hip hop music. There are some famous rappers from there. I rarely put videos in this blog, but a friend sent it to me, and it was nice to see the city again. What is interesting about this video is that even if Vallejo is known for being officially in bankruptcy (because of mismanagement) or other things that make the citizens struggle, the people there are so proud of their city. With good reason, is a very interesting place, with a fascinating economic evolution.

Here it is a post talking a little about my findings of this city. Vallejo has recently got coverage from New York Times, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and other media. Watching the video I wish I would have got some souvenirs from there. By the way 707 is the telephone code of the area.

Here it is another video with images from the town.

Just a little note for the demographers, the city is equally divided in white, black, brown and yellow. See chart below. Also the neighborhoods are quite unsegregated. The interesting thing… they all can rap.