Today I spent a day in Vallejo, talking to people. So far I have talked to people at the Chamber of Commerce, the Community College, the Historical Museum, Tourist office, journalists, citizens groups, city workers, and many small business owners, and several citizens and people from the Bay Area. I have also talked to police officers and firefighters, although not very formally yet. Besides that, I have had been over a lot of historical material at Berkeley, Vallejo and the internet. Basically I’m trying to understand what has happened there. How Vallejo, with such a fascinating history is now is such a bad situation.

Now I was searching for videos in youtube about the city, and I have found these two, from 2008, right before the city filed for bankruptcy. It’s important to acknowledged that so far is the biggest bankrupt city in California. Hopefully by next year they can solve the situation.

This video is from Glen Beck (for non-Americans reading this, they should know that he’s probably the most influential anti-Obama_government person) This was when the city was about to bankrupt. The video is from Fox News.

In this video the city had already bankrupt, and the Mayor is talking. Is from CNBC.

This third video is from KRON4, a TV covering the San Francisco Bay Area (Vallejo is in its north periphery). They point out the problem being the local police and firefighters. It was 80% of the local budget at that time, I attended to the last City Council and they said it was 74% now. I guess it’s because of the negotiations that the have had.

Today I visited the fire station. The firefighters were kind of skeptical to talk to me. I understand they can be tired to talk to any journalist or researcher nosing around. But the truth of the matter, is that if they don’t openly talk to the people, nobody will know their version. Anyways I think next week they will talk to me.

The purpose of my research is to learn “do and don’t s” we might avoid back in Denmark. I’m also working with another PhD student on the issue, and receive help from my advisor here in Berkeley.