julien 2007
I’m co-teaching the class of “Theories of the Firm and of Entrepreneurship” with Søren Kerndrup. Actually he’s the professor and I’m the apprentice. He always has the right readings, and suggested this book for the two classes I teach. This class is directed for engineers or geographers without a limited education on economics and business studies. So, my job is trying to teach them some of it, and I think this book is very good to do that.
I was about to comment on this book in Amazon, but I had cold feet when I saw that no one has commented yet, and I did not want to do it anonymously. This is what I was going to say:

4 starts (out of 5)
Title: Thorough & objective about entrepreneurship and local development
Text: In my opinion Julien gets to the core of entrepreneurship with this book. He presents theoretical concepts in a clear way and it’s probably one of the best books to understand entrepreneurship. I don’t fully agree with some of the conclusions of the book, but he has really made me think about many things I had never considered. Overall very good.

By the way, you can find it in Google books or even better in Scribd, which is REALLY nice in order to cut and paste the graphs for the power point presentations (using ctrl+prt sc and pasting it in microsoft paint).

This semester I’m not teaching too much, compared with the last semester when I thought a dozen of classes. This is nice as I can concentrate more on the PhD project.