Congratulations Paul!

October 14, 2008

Yesterday I was quite impressed when I found out that Paul Krugman won the Nobel Prize. It’s really good that the Economy field is paying more attention to the importance of the geography. It’s not exactly in the line of my field, but somewhat related to regional economic development. Well, at least is more related than previous winners. I left a comment in the New York Times article Honoring Paul Krugman. My comment says:

Congratulations Dr. Krugman. I’m a phd student in economic geography in Europe, and his teachings are a required reading. Although he’s more a geographical economist than a economist geographer; even though he made the “new economic geography” famous in the 80’s (how new is that? :) His pre-Times work, from where he got the Nobel prize, has nothing to do with the last years columns. Anyways I loved reading The Great Unraveling (2003), and I keep regularly reading his columns. He’s also good in his youtube talks.