The last post of Ed Glaeser on The Daily Show, was the post #100 of this blog. My first post was shortly after I started my Phd on April 2008, and I was not really sure if it was going to be worth it. To don’t consume too much time, I intended to write a couple of paragraphs once a week or every two weeks. More or less I have achieved it. That was almost 3 years ago, and now I’m wrapping up the PhD project. On this post I would like to reflect how this blog and its 100 posts has helped me on my PhD studies.

First, it helped me to train the skills of organizing ideas and write about them. In the beginning of my PhD I was complaining with one of my Phd fellows, Christian Byrge, of how overwhelmed I was about all the readings I had to go over. He then told me, that I should focus on writing. He told me something like: “We already have a bachelor and masters, and have some ideas on our heads. If we read everything that we are supposed to read, we will never finish.” The ideal situation for a Phd candidate is to be writing academic papers, but any scholar knows that this requires a lot to publish a first paper. Why not practicing “publishing” in a blog? You can keep a popular language that appeals not academic readers and the truth is that it’s fun, and yes, as a non English speaking native, I can make mistakes without worrying too much.

There are also two more areas that have have been benefited with this blog. These are the two goals I had when I started it. One was to have a network of people who are interested in the subjects of my Phd studies. I have done that indeed. With academics, researchers, practitioners, authors and last but not least, people from other grounds that have helped my work. I have also enjoyed to find other PhD students from whom I can have common feelings. This has been enhanced by microblogging with Twitter (@carlos9900).

The other goal I had was to create something that people may find interesting. With humility I think I have done so too. Since I started the website it has received nearly 10,000 visits. Knowing that people find it interesting enough to read it makes me really happy. Also people had left 140 comments and many of them have helped me to see things from other point of view.

In all, writing this 101 posts has been a nice experience. I suppose I will finish it when I get my degree, I will finish this project. Thank you for reading.