After leaving the US by the end of July, I spent two weeks in Madrid, Spain for holidays. I always love to go back home and visit family and friends.

Regarding the studies of my PhD, that is, learning how cities can develop their economies or not, I found always interesting that when I go back to home my ideas hardly come. That is, when I have visited North and South America, Japan or different European cities, automatically ideas about economic development pop-up, however when I am at home the ideas kind of freeze. It is not that they completely evaporate, but I can tell they simply come much more slowly. In one way it is because I know more about Madrid and its surroundings, but in another way I believe in the saying “ignorance is a bliss”. Then I wonder if it is easier to innovate when you’re out of your comfort zone. I hope you know what I mean.

I have been back in Denmark for two weeks, I had a lot of paper work waiting for me, 4 papers, and projects too. Everyone asks me about my experience in UC Berkeley, and I have to make two minor presentations with the phd students and the Geography group. Being in Berkeley was a great experience, but it’s also nice be back at home (now Denmark).

Most of the academic things are going ok, yesterday I submitted a working paper for a workshop and this next week. This paper involves some healthy academic risks. Soon I will also resend another paper, that a top journal rejected on the basis on the opinion of one of the referees.

Almost every day I spend some minutes on Twitter. It is an interesting tool. I have now 129 followers. I don’t know if they really like it. For me I only use Twitter to take notes of things that can be somewhat related to my studies, and sometimes as my life as phd candidate.

I really enjoy having Birgitte Gregersen as my main supervisor, which is currently the Head of the Department. For other projects related to the university some have not been doing that good, for example, I wanted to get some funding for a project collaborating with some colleagues from University of Barcelona, but it seems it won’t be possible now. I do not know too much of major fund applications, and being abroad, has limited me to work with my co-workers at Aalborg, as we say Geography matters.

On a note on my personal life, our daughter turned 1, and she’s a great walker. This Saturday we’re moving to downtown. This will require more biking from me, which is not that bad, and will also help my wife having things closer, also from her work. We’re excited to live downtown, although we’re going to miss good neighbors. Again geography matters :)