Yesterday I added in wikipedia the section: History of the concept of the experience economy. I think that interested people, learn about the term through wikipedia as its first source. Unfortunately is not a very good wiki article, but this is what we have for now. I consider myself quite a regular editor at wikipedia during the last years, and this is the time that I’m most excited to see how a paragraph can evolve. I believe it was necessary to clarify ideas about the experience economy. The term is quite confusing for everyone. I have got a few comments of people asking me about it, so just in case the check google and the wiki, I hope I can help to answer it.

I personally call Pine and Gilmore the Christopher Columbus of the experience economy. It’s clear, that they were not the first one to find about it. This is quite clear by wiki section I mentioned above. Nevertheless I have to say, that I respect these guys, and I wish someone left a comment on their blog. I guess the proud comments on Rush Limbaugh and the pictures with George Bush father is a turn off for the audience! :) j/K

Ok, let’s see the evolution of the paragraph.