In 2010 I presented in a seminar at University of California at Berkeley, and they asked me for a little bio. This is what I wrote:

Carlos is visiting Cal* from February to the end of July. He came to Berkeley with his wife and little baby girl.

Carlos was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. He has also lived in the Canary Islands (Spain), Dallas (Texas), Atlanta (Georgia), Bolivia and Denmark. He has always been interested on economic development, now especially on the issues at the local level.

Most of his early carrier was developed in the family business which does consulting for small companies. He has worked as a business consultant and has also started a few businesses himself.

His academic background is in Business Studies. He started his bachelor in Spain and finished it in the U.S. He did his Master’s degree in Innovation & Entrepreneurial Dynamics at Aalborg University in Denmark (visiting for one semester The School of Public Policy at Georgia Tech). He started his doctoral studies in the Group of Geography, also at Aalborg University. Besides researching there, he has a passion for teaching aspects of Economic Geography.

* The locals here call UC Berkeley: “Cal”

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